• The bird corner at Link Hotel Singapore, dubbed as “Singapore’s most famous Sunday bird singing concert“, in the nineties. The popular spot was said to have started off in the mid-fifties as a gathering venue for a small group of bird lovers. Over the years, the group grew bigger as others joined in.

  • Bird Corner will be marked as one of the heritage sites as part of Tiong Bahru Community Heritage Trail Project.

Singapore, 19 November 2017Link Hotel Singapore has organized her very first Bird Singing Competition in 2008 at the bird corner, formerly known as the Tiong Bahru Bird Arena. In 2017, after two years of absent (due to hotel renovation), we are once again organizing this competition, to gather all the bird lovers and local residents to bring back the former popularity and once-active bird corner.

Tiong Bahru is the first public housing project in Singapore with a rich history and heritage; dating back to the 1950s. Part of the heritage of Tiong Bahru area was the iconic bird arena which was remembered to be a very popular place where bird lovers gathered to showcase their pet birds. Tiong Bahru Bird Arena; located at old Tiong Bahru Block 53, is one of the oldest bird arena in Singapore and it has been around for 50 years (since the sixties). In the mid-eighties, during the Sundays, the number of bird lovers outside the coffee shop could be as many as 300 bird hobbyists. It was the favorite gathering place for the bird lovers from all around Singapore and even overseas.

After the area was being taken over in 2007 to be the first old HDB to be converted into a Hotel, Link Hotel Singapore has continued the legacy and preserve the old charms of the buildings by retaining the external façade of the building and rebuilding the bird corner for bird lovers to parade their prized possession. Since its reopening in 2007, bird lovers return to showcase their pet birds and local residents revisit the bird corner. Many tourists have also shown great interest in this unique tradition of bird singing.

Link Hotel seeks to grasp the tradition of the bird arena that is of significance, places that local residents have grown accustomed to having around, connecting them to a sense of local heritage. Part of our plans includes holding the bird singing competition twice a year and for hobbyists and local residents to gather and visit the bird corner at any time of the year. It is said that a void deck coffee shop seats near the bird corner back in the past. 200 bird hobbyists are expected to bring 250 birds to compete in this competition.